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Britain and the European Union

When you woke up this morning, chances are you didn’t make it long in flipping through the television, or listening to the radio before learning that Britain has voted to leave the European Union. “Brexit,” as it is commonly being referred to as, is... read more

The Art of the Free Throw

With March Madness now wrapped up, this year’s tournament saw no shortage of upsets. In listening to commentators breakdown these upsets, one couldn’t help but notice how many highlighted poor free throw shooting, especially in the games’ closing... read more

6 Things to Remember During Volatile Markets

The following are the types of things we have been discussing during client meetings and we wanted to share them with you. Here are six things for you to remember during periods of market volatility. We must remember… VOLATILITY IS NORMAL This is what markets... read more

Overreacting Can Hurt Performance

In light of recent market events, its worth revisiting Part 3 of our “Living with Volatility, Again” email series below highlighting the importance of conviction over emotion. We have since updated this slide to include performance of the S&P Index... read more

A Quick Market Review for 2015

A quick market review for 2015: Of the 30 asset classes that comprise our globally diverse portfolios, 11 were up and 19 were down for the year (see 2015 asset class fund returns below). Click to view 2015 returns. The Dow Jones was down for the first time since 2008... read more

The Formula For Our Long-Term Strategy

In 2015, we have spent much of our time discussing the emotional side of the investment process. Today, we would like to change our focus to the science behind our investment philosophy. The evolution of The Five-Factor Model is the basis of our evidence-based... read more

The 7 Roles of a SWP Investment Adviser

Often, I am asked the question “what does your firm do?” I reply by telling them we wear many hats for our clients. These hats include being: An Independent Voice The global financial turmoil of recent years demonstrated the value of an independent and... read more

Our Higher Purpose

Recently, Cleves Delp was fortunate enough to spend some time with David Booth, Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors. The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, the bastion of investment and economic thought in our country, is... read more

Pursuing A Better Investment Experience

Here are 10 dimensions we believe any investor should adhere to when Pursuing a Better Investment Experience: 1. EMBRACE MARKET PRICING The market is an effective, information-processing machine. Millions of participants buy and sell securities in the world markets... read more